Archaeological Paths - Egypt Royal Tour With dr. Zahi Hawass, dr. Mostafa Waziri and a surprise VIP Guest.

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Archaeological Paths company’s core value is transparency. We work in tourism industry and we document important archaeological events, so we decided to publish videos from the events we participate in or organize.


- The first-ever tourists to visit The Lost Golden City - Egypt

Dr. Zahi Hawass, the world’s most famous archaeologist, announces the discovery of the Lost Golden City in Luxor. The discovery is believed to be the most important archaeological find since King Tut’s tomb, nearly a century ago. Archaeological Paths’ guests were the very first tourists to visit and explore this ancient city, which have laid untouched for thousands of years.



- UNEXPLORED TOMB in Egypt Visited for the FIRST TIME!

Have you ever wondered how it feels to enter a 4,700-year-old tomb after 15 years of renovation works? Archaeological Paths' guests had a chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetme moment during their Royal Egypt Tour back in September, 2021.




Fifty important artifacts from the times of Pharaohs have been recently handed over to Egypt. And Archaeological Paths was there to make it all happen!



- THE GIZA PLATEAU with Archaeological Paths - explore differences

Your visit to the Giza Plateau might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you want to be sure it is extraordinary. The tour company you choose makes all the difference. Compare two different ways to visit the world’s most iconic archaeological site and see how much of a difference it makes traveling with Archaeological Paths!



- Experience Egypt with Archaeological Paths
Have you ever wondered how it feels to be on the Royal Egypt Tour with Dr. Zahi Hawass? Now – by watching our latest tour video – you can get a glimpse of what awaits in the Land of the Pharaohs with Archaeological Paths.



- Dr. Zahi Hawass honored at the Cairo Museum
On November 17, 2020 the world’s famous archaeologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass, was honored at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square for his work and achievements in the field of Egyptology. The event was organized and sponsored by Archaeological Paths.



- The Voice of Egypt from Times Square in New York!
Archaeological Paths launched its new advertising campaign on one of the largest digital billboards found in Times Square, in the very heart of New York City, to promote Egypt as one of the most desirable travel destinations.



- Dr. Zahi Hawass’ 2019 EXPEDITION – Discoveries at the Valley of the Kings
Archaeological Paths presents a video summarizing Dr. Zahi Hawass’ research and discoveries in 2019.



 - Dr. Zahi Hawass’ 2019 BOOK LAUNCH organized by Archaeological Paths
In 2019, the book Zahi Hawass’ Secret Egypt was launched in Cairo. For the first time, Dr. Hawass has not written about the history of the pharaohs but has released a unique travel guide with his personally recommended must-see sites of Egypt.



- Archaeological Paths - official partner of the 100 Years of Bentley Motors
Archaeological Paths was an official partner of the Bentley Motors’ 100th anniversary celebrations and was featured in the publication Exploring the Extraordinary: 100 Years of Bentley Motors.



- Lech Walesa in Egypt with Archaeological Paths
Since 2003, Archaeological Paths has been delighting its guests – among them royalty, presidents and stars of the silver screen – with some very special historical tours. In November 2018 Lech Wałęsa, 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner and the former President of Poland, joined one of the Royal Tours to Egypt!



- Archaeological Paths - official partner of Our Future King: Prince Charles at 70 book launch
Archaeological Paths was invited to the 70th birthday celebrations of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and has been profiled in the landmark royal publication Our Future King, Prince Charles at 70.




- Radio interview New York WOR710 - Egypt and Archaeological Paths




- Archaeological Paths' ROYAL EGYPT TOUR with Dr. Zahi Hawass - sneak peek.




- Archaeological Paths - the official partner of Rolls-Royce  Owners’ Club Annual Meeting
The excellence and uniqueness of tours offered by Archaeological Paths have been recognized by the Jury, which resulted in the inclusion of the brand among the official partners of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club - Strive for Perfection publication. Archaeological Paths is an official event partner in the tourism category. You can see below the video from this event. See Archaeological Paths’ Quality Assurance Manager speaking about our unique Royal Egypt Tours!




- ROYAL EGYPT TOURS with Dr. Zahi Hawass - sneak peek.




- Private Cairo Museum Tour organized by Archaeological Paths. On April 7, 2018 Archaeological Paths organized a private tour for Mrs. Nadia Al Saeed - CEO of Etihad Bank, former Minister of Jordan, and one of the most prominent Jordanian businesswomen. Archaeological Paths opened the entire Egyptian Museum in Cairo just for our guest. She took part in a private lecture given by our special tour host Dr. Zahi Hawass, world’s most famous archaeologist. Now it’s your turn! Come on board and be treated like royalty on our Royal Egypt Tour with the legendary archaeologist - Dr. Hawass!



- ROYAL EGYPT TOURS with Dr. Zahi Hawass - short video from the Giza pyramids. Join Egypt's legendary archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass! See how it is to experience with us Egypt's most important site - Giza plateau outside the opening hours. The entire Giza pyramids plateau was opened just for us! This is a highlight offered only during Archaeological Paths Egypt Tours thanks to a special permission from the Ministry of Antiquities. Dr. Zahi Hawass shared his archaeological research in Giza and discussed with us the news from the pyramids!




- GIZA plateau with Dr. Zahi Hawass & Meeting with Mrs. Jehan Sadat. See how it is to experience with us Egypt's most important site - Giza plateau outside the opening hours. See how our guests enjoyed the Great Sphinx with Dr. Zahi Hawass and meeting with Egypt's First Lady - Mrs. Jehan Sadat. Enjoy watching and join us in Egypt!




- Dr. Zahi Hawass about the importance of tourism in Egypt and about his cooperation with our company - Archaeological Paths - and our exemplary work for the Egyptian tourism:




- Photography exhibition "TRAVELS" by Archaeological Paths:




- Archaeological Paths Testimonials from EGYPT TOUR - October 2015. We are proud to present the newest comments of the guests of our October 2015 Egypt tour:




- Dr. Zahi Hawass and Archaeological Paths's staff in Italy - 2nd July 2015. The premiere of the new book by Dr. Zahi Hawass and promotion of the Egyptian tours for Italians.




- Launch event of Dr. Zahi Hawass' new book (15th June 2015) – the event was organized thanks to Archaeological Paths' sponsorship.




- Archaeological Paths Testimonials from TURKEY TOUR - June 2015. We are proud to present the newest comments of the guests of our June 2015 Turkey tour.




- Archaeological Paths Testimonials from EGYPT TOUR - March 2015.




- Archaeological Paths Testimonials from EGYPT TOUR - February 2015.




- Archaeological Paths and Egypt's government officials on safety:





Royal Egypt Tour Photos

Day 1: Arrivals / Hawara & Meidum Add-on

Day 2: Saqqara & lecture with Dr. Zahi Hawass

Day 3: Dashour, Memphis & Pyramid Builders' Tombs

Day 4: Giza Plateau with Dr. Zahi Hawass & lecture with Mrs Jehan Sadat

Day 5: Karnak temple & lecture with Dr. Mostafa Waziri

Day 6: Valley of the Kings

Day 7: Edfu & Kom Ombo temples

Day 8: Aswan

Day 9: Abu Simbel

Day 10: Sailing to Luxor & Luxor Temple with Dr. Zahi Hawass

Day 11: The Temple of Hatchepsut, Colossi of Memnon, Deir el-Medina

Day 12: Flight to Cairo, lecture with Dr. Zahi Hawass

Day 13: Tour of Cairo & Farewell dinner

Day 14: Departures / Alexandria Add-on

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Marriott Mena House - Giza

Four Seasons First Residence - Giza

Le Fayan Cruise Ship - 5* Floating Hotel


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